Unical Aviation

680 South Lemon Avenue
City of Industry, CA 91789
(626) 337-2108
Unical Aviation has been the industry’s go-to global supplier of aircraft parts and components for more than two decades. We began operations in 1990, focusing on consumable and expendable inventories. Since then, we’ve built a strong foundation of enduring relationships with suppliers of every type, all around the world, and a massive inventory of parts—millions of them—ready to go, right now, wherever you need them.
Strategically headquartered in 475,000 square feet of high-technology facilities just outside of Los Angeles, and supported by a global network, Unical Aviation provides spare aircraft parts and services that meet a comprehensive range of aviation industry demands, wherever they arise.
We’re talking parts for daily and heavy maintenance, component repair, engine services, and other highly specialized solutions attuned to your unique requirements. We’re here to solve your problem.